Craigslist dating scam

I answered one Extra casting (sounded very real) that sent me to a site that does ssl certificates.

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There have been many scams where ladies did those and were talked out of their clothing by people saying “I need to see what you really look like” and other lines.

Those videos then get sold in other countries and end up all over the internet for other’s enjoyment.

Beware of anyone asking you to follow a link to do a background check.

Do not sign up for any background or age verification site.

Some also use ads on the radio and newspapers to entice people. Often times they schedule a “fake” audition (they don’t ask for money here to put you at ease), then they call and tell you ‘you are great’ come in for a 2nd audition and sometimes a 3rd. The audition was not actually for a real part in any production, it was to evaluate how much you will spend and how much they can sucker you out of.

Then there are companies that don’t sell any services themselves, they get paid to sell your information to companies that have telemarketers and salespeople.

Beware of anything that asks for lingerie, topless, etc. Use your imagination on what someone will do with those.

Real casting directors will want head shots, full body shot(clothed) and measurements.

Then he moves on to the next company looking for leads.

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