Couchsurfing and dating

Other Couch Surfers that I know have admitted to the inherent romantic side effects that happen when two attractive travelers meet in person.

Still, others have recounted horror stories of sexual mishap due to one participant’s misunderstanding of the other participant’s intentions.

Couchsurfing is all about getting connected and getting closer to that new culture you are experiencing.

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I still laugh at the story of the angry Polish girl who undressed herself and waited naked in my Egyptian friend’s bed.

Let’s just say there was rejection, a lot of dramatic crying, and then sweet words of praise when it came time for her to leave him a reference.

We would start on the topic of travel and after briefly mentioning a trip or two, it was guaranteed I would hear come out of their lips the deal breaker, “I wish I could travel.” It is such a turn off to hear someone say that because there is nothing about my life that makes it so I have more opportunity to travel, the only difference is I make travel a priority and I find it as laziness for someone to “wish” and not take action.

I know my fellow travelers find the same difficulty in meeting a date that can relate, and one who wants the same kind of lifestyle travelers are attracted to, so even though Couch Surfing did not start as a way for travelers to find dates with people in diverse cultures around the world, it has a welcomed side affect that the founders may consider promoting.

We’ve been carrying on a long distance relationship, myself in San Francisco, California and him in Rome, Italy.

Earlier this year I made Rome my home base as I traveled solo around Italy and to Egypt, Spain, and England.He says there is an automatic sense of connection because the site attracts travelers who are open to adventures, after all, not everyone is willing to stay on the couch of a stranger half way around the world.He tells me the women he meets have had more experiences and are more interesting than the women who live where he lives in Miami, Florida.Most tryst are short lived, some may never be consummated, still other people, like myself, have mainly used Couch Surfing to find a friendly face when in a new country and discovered some of the most generous and genuine people that would be hard to meet through sheer serendipity.So the fact that I met my current boyfriend from Couch Surfing does come as a bit of surprise for me, because from what I’ve seen, mostly what happens on Couch Surfing rarely leaves “one trip stand” status.I personally can’t judge him for that since my track record of dates have almost always taken place in other countries with men who may or may not speak English as a first language.

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