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Talk with potential matches for a while before you agree to meet them in person.Offer to talk to them for a bit on the phone before you meet up — if they fiddle around that, it’s a bad sign.Your showcase photo is the first way that people see you.

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There’s a lot of awful dating advice floating around.

It’s hard enough to sort through potential matches and evaluate whom you’d like to go out with, but many online daters get tripped up in other areas, too.

100% Free Dating Sites and Division by Zero: For simplicity, we arbitrarily set the people/dollar value of 100% free dating sites to the total number of people/month (since that is the most people you will get out of the site regardless of how little you pay). The birth of this site was fueled primarily by red wine, single malt scotch, loud music and copious amounts of caffeine.

Mathematicians may argue that the value should be “infinite” (and they would probably be right). By the time we realized the sheer “groanerosity” of that particular pun, it was too late.

You should answer questionnaires honestly and don’t fudge the facts on your main profile.

If you’re a little overweight, don’t claim that you’re slim.The best profile photo is one that shows you as you naturally are.Have a headshot, a full-body shot, and a picture of you doing something that you love.But it’s important to remember that someone could easily fake their information.Be smart and don’t let yourself get into a bad situation.Make sure the information in your profile doesn’t say too much about you Hopefully you never run into someone who’s using online dating to find victims, but it’s a real threat you can’t ignore.

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