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It’s not a part of Costa Rican society that’s going away anytime soon. 2009, “Women who do sex work have incomes that are far superior to those they would have as cleaning ladies, receptionists, cheap laborers in the “maquila” sector or other jobs befitting their educational level” and “A recent study argues convincingly that sex work enables some Costa Rican women not only to subsist, but also to give themselves and their families a relatively high standard of living.” It’s important to note that most of the women in this business have grasped the English quite well.

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Having lived in Costa Rica for more than 28 years, I have finally decided to create this website as a forum to tell my story and the incredible uniqueness of living in paradise.

This amazing country has given me so much and I want to share it here on COSTA RICA BEACH LIFE.

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You will find general information as well as personal blogs reflecting on my life experiences, the social aspect of Pura Vida and most important, their cultural heritage.

There is also a specific category in the site about the Papagayo area, which during the last 17 years of my life, has been the preferred place to call home in this fantastic paradise called; COSTA RICA. Those include facilitating the prostitution of another person – or pimping, human trafficking, prostitution rings, etc., which are all illegal.Of course, anyone caught soliciting a minor for sex will be punished with the steepest penalties enforceable under the law.However, that doesn’t mean it’s a chaotic free-for-all.The government does aim to protect its citizens by making many activities that commonly accompany prostitution illegal.It's littered with far too many short clips cutting out the best stuff pushed out by the studios, and finding a good, high quality scene is getting more and more difficult.

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