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" My answer: it is an uncommon form of usage and is stilted, bulky, multisyllabic, and will cause readers to balk and/or re-read the sentence. after reading these comments I am even more confused about the subject . I have an additional question in regards to the correspondence question, the phrase "Please find attached a correspondence from Mr. However, an exchange of letters between two people or on a particular topic is a correspondence (note the indefinite article) and several such exchanges would be several correspondences.

You should not be writing in a manner that causes those reactions in your readers. However, I think I will use the good old premise that this word can be used as group or collective noun. I have always assumed that there is no real difference between "fish" as a plural and "fishes." You can use whichever you like.

If you can have singular count nouns, then you can pluralize them: "I had several correspondences with various people." What's wrong with that? If I had to hazard a guess, I would say correspondence is usually an uncountable noun like fruit, content, water, etc.

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Correspondence dating

So, it is a matter to see how frequently the "countable version" is used. In the sense that correspondence is both a singular and plural noun, would the use of "a" be justified in distinguishing the singular correspondence from two or more correspondence?

I have checked several references on usage and style regarding this issue (Bryan Garner, James Kilpatrick, Morton Freeman, and several dictionaries). AO gave an example and asked "What's wrong with that? Would this also apply to the phrase "I bought a fish from the store" to distinguish from buying more than one fish? Many letters are correspondence (mass noun, taking no article and no pluralization).

My evidence for my claim is admittedly pretty bad: my intuition as a native English speaker.

I wonder if my sense of this word is regional, sociolectic, or what have you. Let's first put aside the use of "correspondence" to mean "connection," as in "the correspondences between German and English prove that English is a Teutonic language at heart." In that sense, the plural with "s" is necessary and proper.

Can anyone give some solid evidence (other than it just "sounding right") for one claim or the other? Turning to "correspondence" in the sense of "one or more exchanges of written communication," I think the use of the plural would be rare, but when needed, justified.

"The Boston Tea Party led to the famous correspondence between Washington and Jefferson, but many such correspondences sprang up between pairs of famous men in the wake of that notorious event."Maybe we can say that one uses the plural only to emphasize the particularity of a set of exchanges."We had a heated correspondence for several months in 2000-2001 about Bush's election (or Gore's election, if you will), and another, briefer correspondence in 2004-2005, after Kerry went down in flames.

Actually, if we look up at dictionaries we find that "fish" can be both countable and uncountable.

"Correspondence", on the other hand, is just defined as uncountable.

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I really don't know frequently people use "correspondences" so that we could admit the emergence of a new rule.

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