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I really don't know frequently people use "correspondences" so that we could admit the emergence of a new rule.

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I could imagine two or more distinct groups of correspondence being referred to as correspondences, but I'm not sure.

If I had two piles of mail, I would still have only more mail, not mails.

I would classify "correspondence", in the sense above, as a non-countable noun.

I think "correspondences" might be usable in some circumstances, but I can't think of any in which it would be preferable to "correspondence".

" My answer: it is an uncommon form of usage and is stilted, bulky, multisyllabic, and will cause readers to balk and/or re-read the sentence. after reading these comments I am even more confused about the subject . I have an additional question in regards to the correspondence question, the phrase "Please find attached a correspondence from Mr. However, an exchange of letters between two people or on a particular topic is a correspondence (note the indefinite article) and several such exchanges would be several correspondences.

You should not be writing in a manner that causes those reactions in your readers. However, I think I will use the good old premise that this word can be used as group or collective noun. I have always assumed that there is no real difference between "fish" as a plural and "fishes." You can use whichever you like.

For example, you might usually say "I ate a lot of fruit this morning," rather than "I ate many fruits this morning," but "Fruits and vegetables are high in vitamins." Or, "That magazine packs in a lot of content for your buck," but "Please empty the contents of your bag."I don't think it would be incorrect to say, "Organizing the week's correspondences is a tedious task."Sorry for the mediocre examples. I don't think the fish analogy works completely, but there are certainly mass nouns that do make sense to use in the plural, like waters, as you mentioned.

I'm not sure I can think of a case where "correspondences" would work better than just plain old "correspondence". For what it's worth, at least at, there is no listing for the plural at all.

I say it’s already plural, therefore an “s” at the end is unnecessary and incorrect. Yes, the WORD correspondence is singular, but is it is a mass noun not a countable noun. Three letters of correspondence are still described as correspondence, not correspondences, just like three glasses of water are still described as water, not waters. That is, the plural of fish is fish, but when you are talking about many different species, you say fishes. Several different letter exchanges could be separate correspondences. I think correspondence can be either a count or collective noun depending on what the speaker is intending.

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