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From 1973 the Humanist Society of New Zealand lobbied the government for a change to the Marriage Act seeking the right of people to have marriage ceremonies of their choice with a celebrant of their choice held in a place of their choice.

Polygamous marriages are not permitted in New Zealand.

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Animals with experi-mentally induced lesions to S1 fail to acquire new motorskills with the contralesional hand.

However, once a skillhas been acquired, discrete S1 lesions do not significantlyinterfere with existing skill performance [5].

Background It is commonly held that sensory feedback plays animportant role in motor skill learning [1-3].

Physiologicevidence from animal lesion models suggests that sensorycortex is necessary for learning new skills, includingmates [5] inhibit motor learning.

Marriages in New Zealand are solemnised by marriage celebrants where a marriage celebrant may be a minister of religion of a specified religious body, a marriage celebrant of an approved organisation, or an independent marriage celebrant.

Marriage in New Zealand is governed by an Act of Parliament.A limb-position matching task was used to quantifyproprioception.Results: Individuals with chronic stroke demonstrated the ability to learn to track a repeatingsegment; however, the magnitude of behavioral change associated with repeated segment-specificlearning was directly related to the integrity of central proprioceptive processing as indexed by ourlimb-position matching task.The minimum marriage age is 18 years or 16 with parental consent.Religious and approved organisational celebrants together performed 26% of marriages.There are prohibitions of marriages between some relatives and some who are already in a civil union.

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