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We recommend fixing one album or artist folder at a time and saving over your back-up - but only when Picard Tagger gets it right.

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Remove duplicates manually Go to "File Show Duplicates" then manually delete the songs you don't need.

A power tip: "Show Duplicates" matches tunes by title and artist only.

Next, go up one folder and delete all the i Tunes library files.

Restart i Tunes - go to "File Add Folder to Library" and locate your clean and tagged back-up.

By default Windows users will find i Tunes Music in \Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\My Music\i Tunes\i Tunes Music2.

Good riddance to bad rubbish Now delete the music you don't want; a long job if you have to do it manually, but quick if you've been star rating your tunes.

I recently built a PC for a friend of mine using some old parts I had lying around along with a few new components.

She’s had an older Mac notebook running OS X v10.4 for a few years, but it’s just too slow and too old to run a lot of newer software or games, including the latest version of i Tunes (which means she can’t update her i Phone to the latest i OS version).

This article has instructions on organizing and consolidating music into the i Tunes folder if your library is not already organized by i Tunes (e.g.

if you have music downloaded from amazon’s mp3 service or another music download service).

Fix metadata Working with your new back-up, use the freeware tool Picard Tagger to fix any erroneous song titles, album info and other embedded meta data.

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