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Some lenders say they have no minimum credit score requirements, but that does not mean they don’t check your credit report.Knowing your credit profile before you apply can help set expectations.Look for a site the offers educational tools such as a credit score simulator plus access to your credit report.


However, a lower monthly payment can mean a longer repayment term and more interest paid over the life of the loan.

Whether you should consolidate your credit card debt depends on your individual circumstances and the terms of the consolidation.

You can do this by taking out a consolidation loan or using a debt consolidation or management company.

When you obtain a debt consolidation loan, you pay off all of your outstanding credit cards with its proceeds.

In addition, a personal loan may improve your credit if it means your credit card balances shrink relative to the credit limits.

Your credit scores can take a hit if you use all or most of the available credit on your cards.

The amount of credit card debt you can transfer is typically up to ,000.

Once the introductory period expires, the rate on a balance transfer card is usually higher than on a personal loan.

You’ll pay fixed, monthly installments to the lender for a set time period, typically two to five years.

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