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Usually, taking away privileges for 24 hours is effective. If you take away your child’s ability to watch TV but he spends the evening watching Netflix on his laptop, it isn’t likely to be an effective consequence.

Choose a privilege that will help your teen think twice before making the same mistake again. Just make sure you outline the steps he needs to take to restore his privileges.

Don't allow your teen to experiment with alcohol in hopes that he’ll get sick and it will teach him a lesson. If however, you teen procrastinates doing his homework, getting a zero or staying after school may teach him a lesson.

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Just because your teen has outgrown time-out (most of them would like to be sent to their rooms), doesn't mean you can't instill effective consequences.

But it's important to find punishments for teenagers that will teach them life lessons.

Many teens believe that their friends are having sex (even if this isn’t true) and feel pressured to fit in.

Girls with older partners are sometimes persuaded to have sex at an early age, and teens (both boys and girls) are more likely to have sex if they are involved in a long-term relationship.

Instead of saying, "You can have your phone back when I can trust you again," say, "You can have your phone back when you get your homework done three nights in a row." Create a written behavior contract that outlines your expectations.

Then, there won't be any questions about when and how your teen can regain his privileges.

Often an array of factors can lead teens to initiate their first sexual experience.

A lack of awareness of the consequences of sex is one such factor, as is improper communication between parents and children.

Here are three consequences that can be effective teaching tools for teens: Natural consequences can be one of life's greatest teachers.

But, it's important to make sure that it's safe to use them.

But, that he might still need to discipline to help him socialize and behave more responsibly.

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