Communication dating tips secrets

Okay, you do need to express your emotions, however, you want to express them with minimal emotion.

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So, for example, don’t say, “You never wash the dishes,” instead, say, “I feel annoyed when you don’t wash the dishes after saying you will.” #5 You say a lot through body language.

We communicate mostly through body language, shockingly.

Throw your assumptions out the window because they’re not going to help you one bit.

#4 When talking, use “I.” This is really the basics of effective communication.

In most cases it only gets worse, usually resulting with someone blowing up in an angry rage.

You never want to let a situation get to that point, especially when you could have easily solved it just by expressing your feelings.When you speak about your feelings, always use “I” statements.Don’t say “you.” This is accusatory and easily takes the discussion down a different, unpleasant road.If you don’t follow through with your words, how can you improve your communication skills with your partner?If you say you’re going to work on your anger, actually take the steps necessary to do so. The only way to improve your communication is if both people are fully invested in it.Shitty communication skills not only affect your intimate relationships but also your surrounding relationships with friends and co-workers.

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