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That way, you both had space and can now effectively communicate.

[Read: 15 ways to resolve conflict without the drama] #10 Keep the emotions to a minimum.

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This is why you need to save these conversations for in-person talks, especially when you’re trying to understand how to communicate in a relationship in the best way possible.

Yes, I know it’s easier to sit behind your phone, but it causes more bad than good. We usually feel that when we have a disagreement with someone, it needs to be solved right away. It saves us hours of awkward encounters in the kitchen.

However, it’s very easy to miscommunicate your feelings via text.

The other person can’t hear your tone of voice or see your facial expression behind a text message.

If your partner is already working on their communication skills, you need to step up and meet them halfway.

This won’t work if only one person does all the work. If you’re upset about something, sure, you can text them.

[Read: 23 dos and don’ts that make all the difference in a relationship argument] #6 Walk the talk.

Everyone says they’re going to change and be a better person. But what really makes the difference is when you actually do it.

So, for example, don’t say, “You never wash the dishes,” instead, say, “I feel annoyed when you don’t wash the dishes after saying you will.” #5 You say a lot through body language.

We communicate mostly through body language, shockingly.

When you speak about your feelings, always use “I” statements.

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