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There also may or may not be a power point presentation about dating profiles.So whether you’re single, in a relationship, or just doing the thing where you pretend it’s super casual, this show is for you.

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Michelle Toglia is Bustle’s Sex and Relationships Editor, where she covers everything from how to talk in emoji on Tinder to what it’s like to go on a travel date with a stranger.

She runs Bustle’s App-less April challenge every year to encourage singles to delete their dating apps and re-evaluate their dating lives for 30-days.

The show periodically features routines performed by the comics appearing on the program during each episode, either from footage taped at Los Angeles area comedy clubs or clips originally featured on fellow Entertainment Studios-produced series Comics Unleashed and

In the first round, a stand-up comic is introduced and informs the viewers about what they look for in a mate.

(Hint: It’s you.)Be sure to have them move into your place instead of vice versa.

Here’s why: If it’s more your place than theirs, they’ll feel bad about constantly having their “between jobs/apartments/existential crises” friends crash on the couch or in a tent on the balcony or in the tub. But will it keep the intimate intricacies of your relationship out of a sitcom pilot or Netflix special in five years?

After the comic is introduced to the contestants, the contestants give their first impressions to the comic.

Following that, the comedian and all three contestants go out on a date, which often results in the comedian finding out other personal details about their dates, so as to determine based on their personality and their revelations as to who will be eliminated from the competition.

You might think a comedy show is a novel and fun first-date suggestion, but it’s not.

It’s literally the first thing that comes to mind for someone who is in bars and comedy clubs more nights than not.

The series' second season debuted on September 17, 2012.

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