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Your uncle with undiagnosed Asperger’s will secretly watch a You Tube video of their most risqué performance and then loudly dictate it to your grandparents at the next holiday gathering.

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Hosted by Katie Haller with Carolyn Gitomer Featuring: Last Comic Standing’s Mehran Khaghani, Guys We F*cked’s Corinne Fisher, Tori Piskin, Emma Vernon, Marc Gerber With Bustle’s Michelle Toglia and Elite Daily’s Hannah Orenstein With musical performances by Courtney Demri and T-Spoon Hannah Orenstein is a dating editor at Elite Daily, a former matchmaker at a top New York City dating service, and the author of Playing with Matches, a novel about a young matchmaker who struggles to set up wealthy New York City couples while her personal life is going up in flames.

Previously, she was an editor at, and her work has appeared in and Refinery29.

It’s an exercise in not trying even a little fucking bit. So you’ve been seeing each other a few months (or a year and a half), and you’re finally exclusive!

The fact is, if you go this route, first impressions might not be good. You’ve decided to be an ultrasupportive Number One Fan and attend every single show they have within a 50-mile radius.

You might think a comedy show is a novel and fun first-date suggestion, but it’s not.

It’s literally the first thing that comes to mind for someone who is in bars and comedy clubs more nights than not.

Sure, onstage they’ll seem confident and compelling and like they have their shit together. This is a bad idea if you do not enjoy 1) drunken audience members openly flirting with your comedibeau, or 2) being bored out of your mind as they “work the room.” “Working the room” can mean either networking without introducing you to anyone or drinking way too much at the bar without introducing you to anyone.

(Or they’re just pretending that they )Undoubtedly the show will be way too long, and you’ll be awkwardly hit on from the stage by at least four of the 30 comedians doing a set that night because you sat in the front row and social cues be damned! Plus, if you laugh really hard at the jokes of someone who is better-looking than they are, they’ll notice and pretend to not be riddled with insecurity even though they’re the one who always brings it up whenever you two get into an argument.

The audience is then introduced to the three potential suitors through video profiles, which often feature interspersed footage of the contestant engaging in leisure activities.

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