Comcast internet validating identity

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Comcast internet validating identity

And absolutely NO accountability, particularly with CUSTOMER LOYALTY (aka "retentions"). Allegedly got a so-so contact that I verbally agreed to. A supervisor in that department (yes, she IS a supervisor) tells me (a) confirmation was sent; then (b) "oops, it hasn't been sent" -- yet.

No legal documents in My Account and my plan via My Account shows an amount WITHOUT the contract. Comcast needs to wake up, hire and train telephone CSRs and remember: it is the CUSTOMER who pays the cable bill that allows Comcast to pay their employees.

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Have been a Comcast HSI and TV subscriber/customer for over 20 years.

To access Norton Identity Safe, you must first use your Norton account credential that is associated with your Norton Internet Security, Norton 360 or Norton Identity Safe client.

In addition, you must have the Cloud Vault password that you used while creating a Norton Identity Safe Cloud Vault.cryan7755 and netbuzz both sent along a Network World story on Comcast's public test deployment of DNSSEC.Here is the company's blog post announcing the trial.As of June 2017, the standalone version of Norton Identity Safe is not available for download.Norton Identity Safe feature is still offered with our Norton Security products.In Control Panel, set View by: The account name portion of the account name corresponds to a valid account in the domain.

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