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A live weekly show, where a band of professional voice actors improvise, role-play and roll their way through an epic Dungeons & Dragons campaign.

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Director: Cole Sanchez Wormholes cause trouble on moving day. While Jack tries to fix the wormholes Fargo is determined to something about moving day.

Director: Matthew Hastings Marty takes on the case of a woman fighting for possession of her dead husband's computerized likeness.

Stars: Jeremy Shada, John Di Maggio, Tom Kenny, Hynden Walch Warriors of various races and agendas in a medieval high fantasy world must unite to reform the guild that once fought and defeated a monstrous dragon-like creatures that threatened the world and are now reemerging.

Stars: Ariel Winter, Tara Strong, Felicia Day, Kari Wahlgren Andy must decide if he will allow a woman to start a "daisy chain" and donate her kidney to another patient on the chain until an exact match is found for her husband. See full summary » Director: Chris Fisher Buffy has a powerful new weapon, but the gang cannot find any information about the origins of the mysterious scythe.

Noche de Sueños (air date: 2007-08-14) A toxic spill seems to cause Eureka's residents to share their dreams.

Initially the situation is amusing, but turns dire after the dream sharing is discovered to have a lethal attribute.Buffy leads the rest of the girls to Caleb and The First's lair, with devastating consequences.Director: Michael Gershman A human boy named Finn and adoptive brother and best friend Jake the Dog, protect the citizens of the Land of Ooo from foes of various shapes and sizes.He is awakened from his slumber by accident with no recollection of how he was frozen.In addition to that, it seems that he is the father of lots of technologies at Eureka. (air date: 2007-08-28) An experiment about the big bang theory seems to be the cause for Eureka's finest to become dumber and dumber, including everyone involved in the experiment.See full summary » Director: David Solomon An antisocial maverick doctor who specializes in diagnostic medicine does whatever it takes to solve puzzling cases that come his way using his crack team of doctors and his wits.

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