Code for validating radio button in javascript

If you want vanilla Java Script, don't want to clutter your markup by adding IDs on each radio button, and only care about modern browsers, the following functional approach is a little more tasteful to me than a for loop: This is also working, avoiding to call for an element id but calling it using as an array element.

They are shipped in English by default, but many other languages are available, thanks to the awesome international Parsley community. To load a different locale and its messages, include them after Parsley: The last loaded file will automatically set the messages locale for Parsley.

In the example above, we load both French and Italian translations, and use Italian.

The script works fine even if the user does not enter any data.

The next step is to make input fields required and create error messages if needed.

You'll see here the different protagonists involved and how you can configure them to fit your desired validation.

Of course, this documentation tries to be the most exhaustive possible and relatively easy to understand.Current available plugins are in Extras for additional validators.Parsley is a decoupled library that uses different classes to do the heavy work. These pages will show how to process PHP forms with security in mind.Proper validation of form data is important to protect your form from hackers and spammers!You are strongly encouraged to customize them in your own stylesheets, but here is the "standard" Parsley css file that is used here on the documentation and examples, if you want to use it to bootstrap your projects with Parsley.

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