Cm error while updating java lang numberformatexception

Servlet.service() for servlet action threw exception Number Format Exception: For input string: "1.7023484830876092" trimming the string to 1.70234, does solve the problem, but before slicing the string myself I'm wondering whether its possible to use some ... Number Format Exception: For input string: "null" at

The user is to fill in the textboxes and press the button.

When this occurs the program is to retreive the information from the textboxes and then insert it into a database. As we know, while parsing a string in to int/floal by using the method Integer.parse Int(String s)/Float.parse Float(String s), it will return int/float value, if the String contains any numeric value like "101" or "101.11".

The code is as follows: class Negative Number Exception extends Exception My code "trys" a block of code and catches two possible exceptions: try catch (Number Format Exception nfe) { println("Error: ...import *; import regex.*; class showfile { public static void main(String args[]) throws Exception { int i=1; int j=0; File Input Stream fin = new File Input Stream("empty"); Data Input Stream in=new Data Input Stream(fin); Buffered Reader br=new Buffered Reader(new Input Stream Reader(in)); String strline=null; String[] dummy=null; String x=null; int y=0; while ((strline=Line())!

= null) { if(i If you need more specific help, you'll want to give us a lot more information about your problem including your code, your data, what you're trying to achieve and what's not happening.

Of course, I may just be stuck in my way of ...i'm crafting this game; all went well till the point where things can go wrong: user's input is not an int... i tried a try/catch block, but since my method returns an int i'm forced to return some int...

so i returned -1, but wont work either here's my code:import *; public class Linha De Comando { private ...public void mouse Clicked(Mouse Event me) { String name = title Text(); String gname = Text(); String year1 = Text(); int year2 = Integer.parse Int(year1); String actor = actor Text(); String length1 = Text(); int length2 = Integer.parse Int(length1); String audio1 = audio Text(); double audio2 = Double.parse Double(audio1); if(Component() == clear) clear Text(); else if(Component() == accept) { film = new Film(name, gname, year2, actor, length2, audio2); Element(film); try ...

I am getting this exception when my textfield is empty. I start out with numbers in get Text() but when I remove the last one I get the exception. protected void post Remove Update ( Default Document Event evt ) { Remove Update ( evt ); //println ( "Document has ... I have some simple code here (for demo purposes), and tried to check when it crashes, but don't see a pattern yet (or rather, I see it, but I don't understand it). I suspect the key is that you're on IRC, and people are typing funny.

It's hard to tell the difference between a "1" (numeral one) and an "l" (letter ell) in many fonts. You could try println((int) var At(1)); The code for "one" is 49; anything else isn't! That particular information doesn't seem very useful to me.

For instance my value is and i format it using this constructor The formatted value is stored in a file When i try to retrieve this value i get the Number Format Exception:( How can i deal with this kind of ...

SEVERE: Servlet.service() for servlet jsp threw exception

Number Format Input String(Number Format at The code works fine until I try to return to the main menu from one of the sub menu's.

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