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To compensate for this their teeth grow continuously, like the teeth of rodents.

In captivity pufferfish rarely eat as much crunchy fish food as they do in the wild, and their teeth can grow faster than they are worn away.

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Both will kill fish if overdosed — in fact they are widely used to euthanize aquarium fish — but if used properly are completely safe.

MS-222 will likely need to be obtained from your veterinarian, and he or she will indicate the correct dosage for the size of the fish that needs to be sedated, 100 ppm being typical.

Crustaceans such as shrimps and crabs contain a lot of thiaminase and used too often will cause vitamin B1 deficiency, but they are easy to cut or dismember into bite-sized chunks that can be given to pufferfish unable to eat them whole.

Also rich in thiaminase are mussels, but their thin shells make them easier for pufferfish to open than cockles or clams, and if smashed a bit first, mussels can be fed to medium to large pufferfish with ease.

Pufferfish with overgrown teeth look much more bucktoothed, and in extreme cases the teeth extend so far forward the pufferfish cannot open or close its jaws properly.

Overgrown pufferfish teeth are a result of improper diet, and the best way to ensure good teeth care and dental health is to provide pufferfish with a diet filled with crunchy fish foods.

I know some will use a little clove oil for sedation, but you would have to know how much or you can permanantly put them to sleep. The floating cage net is nothing short of brilliant.

I was dreading the idea of netting them one at a time, lifting them individually into the transport bags or tubs, and then panicking if I couldn't catch those last two extra strong/fast koi in a reasonable amount of time.

Over time pufferfish teeth can become overgrown, and in extreme cases this makes it impossible for them to feed themselves.

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