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Michele then spoke about her tumultuous past with Ellison, whom she met and began dating at the beginning of her career before suffering a major falling out with him. So I’m hoping that Tamar Braxton is not incredibly busy that day and she can fly in real quick, do a little ditty, do a little dance, and head back to her show,” Michele said.

He asked her everything people have been asking Chrisette since the beginning of the drama: Why the hell did she sing for Trump? She recently spoke out about the violent altercation that was caught on camera and landed rapper, Fabolous, with ? Kelly was recently faced with the reality of the lyrics to his own song: “when a woman’s [or in this case, a very young, barely legal woman, but I digress] fed up, it ain’t ?

Triple H is currently married to Stephanie Mc Mahon-Levesque, and are expecting their first baby in July.

She recently faced more backlash after taking to social media to reveal everything she’s lost as a result of the Trump backlash (you can read that here).

Then backlash from her miscarriage photo soon came, as well as from her defense of another Trump supporter, Mary Mary gospel singer Tina Campbell. A few days later, Chrisette has now appeared on his show and because Martin is never one to sugarcoat his questions, he got right down to business. Why is sh now defending Tina Campbell’s Trump support? See the four part interview below:**Scroll down to watch all four parts of the interview** Some things are better left unsaid and for singer/reality star, Lil’ Mo,’ that time is probably now.

If it wasn't already abundantly clear, President Obama has the best taste in music of any sitting President in the history of the United States.

Not that the competition was ever really that stiff -- I don't think Grover Cleveland was crate-digging for records to play on his phonograph on the weekends -- but Obama has always had appropriately eclectic, slightly dad-like music selection habits.

Chrisette Michele gave fans some amazing news late last year when she announced that her boyfriend, music producer and manager Doug Ellison, had proposed to her. “We started off as manager and artist 12 years ago way before I got signed.

Since then, Michele and Ellison have had plenty of time to think about wedding ideas and now Michele has finally opened up about the details of the big day. Then we got into the music industry and things got incredibly shaky,” Michele said.

Everyone has to go through something or the other in life. And the key is that you have to accept and move on. | @myxfusions Thank you for loosening my mom & mom in law up!!!

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