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When a set of oil tankers are destroyed in a blizzard, the coast guard has to make a daring and dangerous rescue attempt.

At the heart of this tale is the shy Bernie Webber (Pine), his relationship with Miriam (a likeable Grainger) and his derring-dos at sea.

Set after a pandemic has turned most of the world's population into dribbling piles of flesh, this low-budget horror-thriller focuses on Brian (Pine) and three other teenagers as they attempt to sit out the ravages of the pandemic.

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Director Branagh deftly handles the moral and ethical complexities, but the script lacks surprises and gets bogged down in a tepid romance, and Ryan is too wholesome to be truly interesting.

When ex-Starfleet commander John Harrison (Cumberbatch) attacks Earth, the Enterprise crew pursues him.

An unmanned train packed with explosives hurtles out of control, but who can stop it? Popular, intelligent Danny (Pine) doesn't let being blind stand in his way, except where the opposite sex is concerned.

After a series of disastrous dates set up by his brother, Danny meets nurse Leeza (Jay), but the path to true love is fraught with disaster - and Leeza's fiancé.

Diana (Gadot) is a princess of the Amazons, who rescues WW1 pilot / secret agent interest Steve (Pine) and resolves to end the war.

Stylish and exciting, with a top cast, touches of real humour and tragedy, and spiffing action sequences, anchored by a strong and highly likeable performance from Gadot.

Meg (Reid) is a headstrong, mixed-race 13-year-old who has to deal with the usual adolescent issues while searching for her missing scientist father (Pine); she soon goes on a planet-hopping adventure.

Reid is an utterly charming heroine and the film allows her to be opinionated and self-doubting; an inspirational watch…

The real life event, however, starts somewhat similarly, but the true 2001 events not only took place in Ohio, but they also never saw the train even reach 50mph.

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