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Hotel in centre of town, room above live music venue! Maybe it’s lots of biking that’s making it feel good, although we had our first hit by a car today. Gave me a bit of a shock but he would have got an earful if he had stopped!!

I did manage to shout IDIOT and shake my fist at him, in a Christian kind of way I add ;-) Martin the postman has been telling Dave for the last couple of weeks you’re not in Scotland until you pass Glen Coe Bridge so we made it in and had a nice ride up the side of Loch Linnhe. They were too nice just to have 1 Left Fort William and travelled towards Spean Bridge, passing the commando memorial that is on the road side.

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Someone was knocking about in a white dress but don’t know what she was doing Carried on up the B7076 and up to Kirkpatrick Fleming where P and J turned and went back to the van at Penrith. We had reckoned it would be around 95 miles and so just pedaled away.

We carried on up crossing the motorway 5 times on our way to Moffat. Matt just checking the food joints out now as we are to tired to move!! Matt went back to Penrith and we took the B7076 up to junction 8.

It reminded me of a shooting and fishing lodge and this was even more applicable when we looked out of the window to see a man leading a horse up the drive with a stag on its back!! Just arrived at Tongue and been shown into our room and we have just seen we have a jacuzzi bath!!

I have been told by David it is almost like I have had a plan!!!

Set off from Morrison’s Penrith and headed down the A6 along with Pauline, John and Matt.

Up to Carlisle and past the home of football, Brunton park, which as John told Matt, never gets any busier than this even if Carlisle are at home, and up to the Mc Donalds on Kingston.

Was a nice run actually and we had covered 95 1/2 miles. It’s funny how there is often no eating places or cafes anywhere when you need them.

Was a surprisingly busy road but we got there with no traumas. When you’re in a car I guess you can cover lots of miles quickly and get to places fast, on a bike it just takes that little bit longer Had a 24 mile stretch from Tyndrum over to Glen Coe and again it was a good run.

The bed and breakfast was just a few hundred yards off the main road and was back to the usual standard. Dave wanted to stop and have a look as he always thinks we owe them a debt of gratitude for what they did and the fact that they were simply no age and gave it all up for country.

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