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Long were the days where most people would actually meet their future partners in real life, now most of us are really lazy and pretty much rely on dating apps. However a new app coming out "just in time for Valentines Day" called Ditto is trying to shake things up a bit by taking away all the choice that traditional dating apps offer and let you match with only one person at a time. No need to wonder how many other people your match is flirting with." We're actually tempted to sign up...

To be fair, if you do decide to unmatch with someone to pursue someone else (risky), you can choose from some nice parting reasons like 'inappropriate messages', 'not enough chemistry', 'long response times' and 'showed little interest'.

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In addition, the app links to wherever it needs -usually Wikipedia- when….

The app is useful for NEET, SSC CGL, UPSC, IAS, Bank Exam and other competitive examination.

This app offers a Python editor that you can run directly on your smartphone - even in an offline…

If you want to learn it or practice it in your phone, give Cub3D a try.

"If corporations fail to protect their users' data they will face the ramifications, legally, financially and socially." For his part, Danny said he "will think twice before using Grindr again." "There are plenty of ones that gay men can use that aren't sharing our HIV status," he said.

It seems like every day there's a new form of online dating.

THE VERDICT Python is one of the most popular coding languages right now.

Experts had greeted with enthusiasm efforts from the self-proclaimed world's largest gay dating app to promote regular HIV testing and status disclosure—but the effort backfired badly with the revelation that Grindr was sharing the data, prompting calls for a boycott.

AIDES, a French HIV-advocacy organization, called for boycotting Grindr in light of the news—but emphasized that sharing HIV status on a dating app before meeting can "allow HIV-positive people to avoid a possible rejection when they announce it verbally," helping to "normalize the perception and image of HIV-positive people." Dan Wohlfeiler, a public health expert who directs the organization Building Healthy Online Communities, said open conversations about HIV are vital—and "apps play a key role in helping those conversations happen." "We also hope that apps help users make informed decisions as to how their data are being kept safe." Natasha Babazadeh, a law fellow at the Electronic Privacy Information Center, emphasized that Grindr must be transparent about how it is using the data or risk losing consumer trust.

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