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The pair who pulled up to the restaurant in the same car, sat at a back corner table and looked “flirty.” During an interview which taped last Wednesday, Handler said she would be going on a first date with someone famous that night. You’d know him.” In July, Flay, 51, finalized his contentious divorce from actress Stephanie March — a blond, blue-eyed beauty like Handler — after a decade of marriage.

Though she didn’t name names, Handler revealed that he’s in “an extension of this business” when Ellen De Generes asked if he works in show business. Handler, 40, famously dated hotelier André Balazs and rapper 50 Cent but has never been married.

Then, on the November 9, 2011 episode of her show, Handler revealed that she had broken up with Balazs.

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“I like to get down to business,” she said with a laugh.

Is Bobby Flay getting Chelsea Handler all hot and bothered?

“I have a hard time meeting men, or dating men, long-term in LA — or in this country, for that matter — because people can hear what I’m saying, and guys don’t think it’s that hot,” the 39-year-old comedienne confessed to Conan O’Brien during an appearance on his show Monday.

But difficulty in finding a partner hasn’t gotten Handler down.

On the July 19, 2010 episode of her show, Handler confirmed she was dating animal trainer and television producer Dave Salmoni.

However, on September 2, 2010, when asked by guest Melanie Brown if she was single, Handler stated that she was.

“ So, sleeping with your boss boyfriend to get a show, dating a rapper with ex-girlfriend drama, a sex tape, and an on again-off again relationship.

Sounds like a book opportunity to me — if you’re the kiss and tell type, which she clearly is.

Later that year, she began dating rapper 50 Cent for a couple months.

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