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^ orcoveraee requests or Kelly Everlll.asst^ ■ cltyedltor Sports Marv demons, spprtsedllor Valley Happeninfis Lorayne Smllh. SUSAN (JALLAGHEB- Ttmcs-News writer TWIN FALLS - A man who dis- agrees — with a Magic Valley Cablevlslon rate plan has won the support of' a review commlltec con- sisting of three Twin Falls City Council members, . The committee, tormcd In June, Is strictly advisory and was created to foster smooth relations between - Cablevislon's customers and 'company, which- holds a-clty-fran— chlse, Tal Mngton tms said. • Burley, 1201 Normal, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.

Iffeslyles.edrior Editorials, letters Stephen Hartgcn, managing editor. According to findings of fact signed ty the mayor, ttie charging of an additional technically does not violate Cablevislon's regulations, but it does violate their spirit.

That reduction -goes Into effect that year alter such production levels.. It Will be moricetable only to "less Tte5lra Mo"- t Kiiai i t&.

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At a press room podium following his meeting with the president, Stigler said supply-side theory "had Idts In coming years. 1 3 Assortod bibs woro $5 Ihon 3.99 4 Infant t-shirls thot woro 4.2S now 2 Infont shirts woro 6.50 thon 4.99 .

"The numbers are getting higher and have to be reduced." he said. Mlssos Coats Shop Dally.l 0-6 Frl,-til-9.-Surirl 2.5'^ — — ^ — ... Idaho Thtrrsday, Octobor ZS, 10B2 ^ at t wi l l be hurt bv comi o hookhd^ ended for ^^re cord of success f9 Evans; veto was right with the election less thona week . It seems as though Phil Batt has started hls'"wln at any cause campaign." If he had bothered to check the f actson why Nucor Steel Go. Governor Evans made the right choice by vetoing It. nmnesly for Ille Rals with Belk's letter draws former officials* irc- We read with interest Glcnda Belk's letter In Sunday's paper listing the .

Maybc^a tax' package wiir be "necessary in order to get spending restraints." Other administration officials have sald-stmllar things privately, but not on the public record, because the president disagrees. I'm a union member and I don't do everything my union advises me to. No other official received gifts In return for their purchases — that Is the real Issue. Belk's case has been eet Ucd In court, but It shouldn't be settled in the minds. That Is ■ why I have decided to support Phil Batt for Governor. Phil Batt hosa record of success In efficient and profitable management of his farming and business operation. 9.99 20 Assorted dross shirts woro $20, 9.99 4 Poly/cotton slacks wore $26 ihon 1 2.' 6 Stono wa shed j eans w ore $32 thon 21 First f loo T^ ■ .99' 1.99 .2.99-_ 3.99 3.99 3.99 5.99 5.99 5.99 7.99 14.9.9 f INFANT /TODDLER 6 Boys socks (hat woro 1 .65 now only .

-Reagan has rcjccled nnnlhpr tax increase, on lop of the $99 -billion txwst he reluctantly accepted last sumiher. Shown, poplln.dfowjtflng waist stylo witfi allachod hood, zlppor and snap tiont^siios 6 lo 16, Roo. Also ovailobla poplin surulvol Jockol with hidden hc? The total dollar amount of the p'ilfehascs by all othier offices was $ioi.90 compared to more than $9,000 by Mrs.. No purchases were made from American Data Products by the county clerk's office prior to Mrs. PHIL BATT linemployment at 10.1 percent; sale of public lands, lax breaks favoring the rich, and cuts In retirement pensions for people who have paid In Ibem for years. Ho has shown In past years that he - can make tough govemmentnl decisions and not be blown around by thepolltlcol winds.

for_ CHOICES center in conjunction with Adeipnrt Jmvcrst— -tyand Heallh Insurance Plano IGreater New-Yo Eli. 9 9' —SAssorted do Hsthatworo 3;95 now 1.49 5 Summer shorts wore $8 thon 2.99 now . ; who wants to open n.'new office ' norrowlyobtalnedanessentiolpcnnlt ' Tuesday night from the Twin Polls : Planning and Zonlng Commlsslon. Smith said, i;; ' A dec^lslon wi U be delayed untii'the board receives legal. -It's been going on since tbe beginning of August." Obituaries Drawing For FREE HEARING AID You Have A 1 in 25 Chance For A NEW HEARIHG AID FREE Fori Detoils Call 733-0601 ^eariqg^id (joujj^eloig- 1061 Bluo Lak AB Blvd.' N. Oakley.fthewua member at the Church ai Jmui Christ o[ t-oltcr-doy Sainti.

Two hundred women were surveyed over a six-month period. Asked It he might be let out before then, he replied.— On Frldayrr think U w Il Ibc FVlday." Europe crops to set record WASHINGTON (UPI) — The European Econoinic Community Is expected to hnrvesl a record grain crop -in-l9a2-of-about-m.5-milllon-tons, the Agrlcultim? — Such-a-harvest-would-be-3 million tons-above ^hc so Kiailed "guaranteed threshhotd" of ll O. Marilyn Way, who intends to open a rcal-estatc office In "an Addison Avenuo dwelling targeted for restora- tion, encountered the opposition of several neighboring homeownera at a hearing the commission held Tues- . The neighbors contended 4hat by operating a real-«statc office at 7S2 . ' Twin Foils, Idaho [h Bus1n Gss'Slncel964 Gotdle Garrett ' ■ BURUCV - Goldie Gsmtt. ot Burley, died Monday in Cml B Memarlol tlasplla).

The memos -Indicate EPA Is considering cleanup actions that would leave the cancer-causing agent In soil at levels 10,000 to 100,000 times higher than levels following the _fiov'emment-Jun_cleanup_nl_.lhe__mu_ch-__ ■publielzcd.flt. Revere Copper files Chapter 11 ■ NEW YORK (i; PI) — Revere Copper & Brass Co. "You have to know how things work before you can make changes, and 1 finally got to the point where I wanted to make improvements from the inside." He first was elected to City Council In 1975, -■receiving the semnd nwwl votes Jaaj^lde JIeld- of candidates. Morrow UOODINU - aaude Weat Morrow, 81, of Gooding, died Monday at hln home, Bom Feb.

Love Janalr""" ~u'ge;hcy's~h'andllng ~or~ loss~dflngero us Uoc lsion on levels of dloxln," Byron Nelson. "Mid Wednesday It has filed to' reoi^lze under Chap^^^^ " 11 of the" Bankruptcy Act because ot the losses of its aluminum operations. 5.99 7 Wind jackofs woro thon 24.99 1 5.99 Third'floor 10 Assorted pof holders won Ti'. —: -- But he insists that pollttcs is only a hobby to him, and that business Is his profession. Area Reputillcans have crltlcj^ Talkington : tor shunning party affiliations. at Mc Cull Kh'B Funeral Home In Burley wi Ui Bishop William Mentlenhall onicioting. Friends mny call at Uie funeral homo today from 4 to B:30 p.m.

Sheep ranchers had hoped for ap- piwal to use l OSO In polson-laccd carcasses, thereby potentially killing Jnws. use^ the diemlci Q Is diluted in an ■^fort^toirinrold— killing-birds— aiwh snu^er mammals, 'Stan Boyd, Uicexectitive director of the . Hidiener and Associates to operate a qieedi and bearing clinic at 497Btafl Uand Drive. I..amberl said he was Informed by Cablevlslon that the Axtra would be charged because a previous occupant of the KImbcrly Road residence used Cablevlslon service illegally_causlng the com- pauytoremovetheexteriorcable. He also said that delinquency by the previous occu- pants of Lambert's residence was not verified as the reason for the discon- nection, although It was a possible cause.

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