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Synopsis : Driving in cab, saw blinking lights like stars, then bigger and different shapes, began filming, caught many different forms, came home and watched the sky and observed pink static, a beam type anomaly, shadows in the sky, along with small blinking lights darting all across the sky. by the time i got my camera to refocus, it was nowhere to be seen. at first i thought it was just another jetliner off in the distance but it left no contrail and it was traveling faster than i was used to seeing such aircraft fly. i figured i would see what type of aircraft it is after i downloaded the photos i had taken to my desktop.

Headline #5: UFO Sighting in Loveland, Colorado on 2018-02-24 – A tiny dot until zoomed in Synopsis: Driving on the highway south to milliken . since the photos were taken in raw format i knew i could enhance the photos to bring out more detail and then convert them to jpeg.

at first, i thought it was just an airplane but airplanes do not have that kind of shape. stopped then shot upwards Synopsis: I was visiting family in phelan, california since i was in the military at the time.

all of the sudden the eye of the rabbit was almost shaking & suddenly it was moving very fast past the white cloud & when it got to the blue sky it vanished! Headline #8: Black Triangle Sighting in Dasmariñas, Calabarzon on 2018-03-02 – Triangular flying object at dawn Synopsis: I was walking along the highway when i noticed something in the sky. i lost sight of it when i turned away for a second.

there were a couple of dim lights on that flying thing in v-shape. Headline #10: UFO Sighting in Phelan, California on 2011-02-28 – Red light went in a straight line.

the week before i had the same type of encounter where i felt compelled to look over head and i saw the same object.

Headline #2: UFO Sighting in Long Beach, California on 2018-01-24 – I got to work at home and when i got out of the car i saw a light in the sky and i started to record it Synopsis: I sit the car in front of the house on the street and get off the car, look at the sky and i saw an unusual light and take my face to record for a few minutes and the light disappeared or vanished Headline #3: UFO Sighting in St.

when we tried to capture it on film the lights went out and we never saw it again.

Headline #12: UFO Sighting in Hedley, British Columbia on 1986-01-31 – Burning orb, stationary, flames coming off Synopsis: My friend and i were on a youth group ski retreat weekend in hedley, bc.

we went outside for a cigarette around 2am, and up above the trees was a burning sphere, about 300 feet in the air. Headline #13: UFO Sighting in De Land, Florida on 2018-02-28 – I saw a object in the sky, moving like a piece of paper floating around way too higher then the planes, really fast.

from the ground it looked to be about the size of the moon on a clear night, but its actual size must have been 20-30 feet across. we watched it for about 5-10 minutes, and it did not move at all. 30 second later another one came and then they went out of sight.

i pulled onto the side of the road a couple of hundred feet away from it.

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