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this is when i pointed it out to my coworkers and began to record a video. in a east/ southeast view, one object zooms to the left and out of the view of my camera. you can see one object which speeds down the skyline and makes an almost 90 degree angle turn, then speeds its way back up into the sky. pay attention to nine seconds () in to the video where you can see one of the objects mores really fast and it even appear to teleport from side to side.the object appeared again close to the cloud from to seconds at the end of the first, i thought it was just an airplane but airplanes do not have that kind of shape. stopped then shot upwards Synopsis: I was visiting family in phelan, california since i was in the military at the time.

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then it moved slowly to our left until it stopped over a hill.

it hovered for a few seconds, then descended behind the hill.

out of nowhere, i saw another object exactly the same size and shape as the first.

it was moving extremely fast and at a really high altitude.

Synopsis: While driving home one night at maybe am through a small community in newfoundland back in 1969 or ’70 i thought i saw a shooting star (meteorite) to my left that disappeared behind some trees.

when i rounded a turn in the road i saw two bright lights hovering over the road about 500 or 600 ft ahead of me.John’s, Newfoundland and Lab on 1969-07-31 – Just two bright lights (like street lights). there was a small red light that went from the light at the right to the left light.when it reached the left light it started from the right to left again continuously !!i pulled onto the side of the road a couple of hundred feet away from girlfriend and i watched it for maybe a couple of minutes.i was testing my new camera out and taking pictures of the unusual cloud. later the next day we looked at our pics and he noticed the dot . Headline #7: UFO Sighting in Agoura Hills, California on 2018-03-01 – Watching a rabbit shaped rain cloud facing south w/ a white cloud next to it.

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