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The new Gchat always tells your contacts you’re free, no matter what! Luckily, the new Hangouts is easy to turn off–at least for now.

Just click the arrow next to your name, and select ‘Revert to old chat’ from the dropdown. Unfortunately, don’t expect to be able to choose between Gchat and Hangouts indefinitely: Google has a history of eventually forcing holdouts to use the company’s “new, improved” designs, whether you want to or not.

When you clicked on a name to message someone, you could send them text, and later initiate a video conference, but So for those of us who loved the old Gchat, the new Hangouts pane that replaces it is a fucking nightmare.

It’s everything about instant message clients we were trying to get away from, except worse. Here’s a library of the ugliest ones you’ve ever seen, designed by Google’s resident Fentanyl addict.

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