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Ceroc NZ will be running a new Workshop Weekender called Capital City Ceroc which will capture the essence of what Simply Ceroc use to be; learning from top Ceroc & Modern Jive teachers to help improve your Ceroc dance and enjoyment of it.

It will be a relaxed weekend packed with heaps of social dancing to practice what you have learnt from the workshops and you get to see some of Australasia’s best Modern Jivers and Cerocers in action to inspire you.

Another challenge is to keep fresh, as we are so far away from Ceroc HQ.

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Our stylish dance is a fusion of many dance forms including, but not limited to Salsa, Ballroom & Latin American, Hip Hop, Street dance, Musical Theatre, Tango and Jive.

So if you want to learn to dance, learn to Ballroom, learn to Salsa, learn to choreograph, learn to Street dance, learn the disciplines of dance or just want to generally learn to dance then a Ceroc dance class is the quickest way to learn to partner dance.

I find that teaching Ceroc brings slightly different challenges in Asia.

First of all language – after experimenting with teaching in other languages, we settled on running all classes in English.

The feeling of watching a room full of different countries and cultures dancing and socializing together, united by their passion for Ceroc, is electric. Having taken place in Hong Kong and Singapore to date, we are excited to welcome CPAC to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 21-23 October 2017.

We are also so grateful to all the international talent who come over each year from UK and New Zealand to teach and support us every step of the way.

Five years of Ceroc in Hong Kong led us to Paige, the perfect person to expand Ceroc into Singapore, and a couple of years ago Charmaine and Jeremy began in Malaysia.

My biggest joy has been founding the Ceroc Pan Asia Champs in 2014, which has become our annual celebration of Ceroc in Asia, raising money for local children’s’ charities across the region.

I also can’t get enough of the fact that Ceroc can be danced to any music, and this helps to create a connection with anyone, of any cultural background or language base.

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