Centreon graphs not updating

It combines Open Source flexibility with the essential features of excellent supervision: CES Standard is the Open and free version of the product.

Centreon Enterprise Server (CES) includes all Centreon functions in a unique product.

For more information, check the website of Centreon: The purpose of this section is to describe the ideal partitioning recommended in order to get the optimal performances for your Centreon monitoring platform.

Centreon graphs not updating

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After download ISO file from centreon Website, we start the installation.

To install Centreon, start your server on the support (created from the ISO file) of the Centreon Enterprise Server.

Select the network card that you want to use and go into “IPv4 Settings” or “IPv6 Settings” tab (depending on the requirement) to configure the IP address of the interfaces. In our box, we shall choose the Centreon Server with database option.

When choosing the monitoring engine and the broker, it is possible to choose between the Centreon Engine / Centreon Broker pair or the Nagios / NDOUtils pair.When the installation is finished, click on Restart. By default, the ‘localhost’ server is defined and the root password is empty.Congratulations, the monitoring platform installation is complete. The End of installation wizard of Centreon is displayed, click on Next. If you use a remote database server, these two data entries must be changed.Centreon is an Open Source software package that lets you supervise all the infrastructure and applications comprising your information system.Centreon is the system and network monitoring software adapted to the needs of your ISD.If so, you can insert your CES CD in the drive and configure your server BIOS to boot on the CD.

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