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"You guys": a lot of people dislike this phrase, but it was a standard expression in my family (me, my husband and children), and since it was used by 3 females and 1 male, it has no gender connotations for me.

But I agree it's out of place used by a wine steward.

Click on the Books Main Page and scroll and scroll down. Sometimes I think adults join in using these expressions to try to appear younger. Yesterday I watched Wolf Blitzer's CNN show, The Situation Room.

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When that happens I realize that the person can say nothing I want to hear. LOL....I think that Ba BI may be right in that the answer is a shorthand for "Thank you for having me on your program." When you say thank you to a German: Danke schon (literally pretty thanks), he may reply with: Bitte schon (literally pretty please).

The German sounds much better than the literal translation.

We're starting Wilkie Collins' A Woman in White tomorrow. I can't believe this 1860 tale is so engaging still, after all this time. I hate the way graduate/graduated is used everywhere. He didn't graduate college--he graduated from college. I believe the correct usage is "he used to" as the verb is in the past tense. It is the longtime Navy slang for Guantanomo Bay, Cuba, the U. Sue I hope everyone is having a happy and healthy start to the new year. I've been reading, reading, reading, and playing with my new toy that Bob got me for Christmas - my new i Pod. I've just nominated, (or seconded many nominations, depending on how you look at it ) having just seen the 25th anniversary of the movie released, Brideshead Revisited, and I can tell you we'll need all of you if that one is voted in, to try to understand what on earth he was really saying.

May we each have many good things to report at this time next year. It appears that Lake Superior State University has once again come out with its list of words and phrases and abbreviations they think should be banned forever from our use, and since we here are about words, what do you think of them? We saw 2 fabulous movies - Blood Diamond (SO GOOD) and The Good Shepherd. Stephanie, I guess you guys are going to have to try some higher class restaurants.

More and more people are using "no problem" in place of "you're welcome" around here. Of course, to most of us, a 'thank you' is always necessary when someone does you a kindness. The amount of reading I could do dropped drastically with the first child. That doesn't keep me from filling it with petunias, impatiens, begonias, etc. When I was growing up, it seemed like every house had either a snakeplant or rubber plant, sometimes both plants. I posted something, yesterday, in the "Rembrandt's Eyes" discussion in response to Emma Barb's comment that Rembrandt collected books, not just for what was in them but, also for their own shapes, colors, feel, and texture.

It gets me because I when I thank someone for doing a good job or a small kindness, I never considered it to be problematic. My daughter ( the librarian) said the library was so busy over the Christmas holidays and all age groups too. At the same time I am reading Woman in White I have been reading "A Tale of Two cities" by Dickens. It has become so common now, that people say it as readily as they say 'you're welcome'. And of course when I worked full time and still had a house to tend, I couldn't read as much. Maybe that 29 books a year is typical of the busy person who only gets a chance to read in the evenings, before bed. Since it's winter, I have six houseplants to keep me company. Since I almost always have two or three books going at once, I probably do read 29 or 30 a month. Ginny suggested that I also post it in "Book Nook."....

However our granddaughter is here and yesterday we saw Night at the Museum, which with Ben Stiller is totally silly and yet fun..

I have a fierce cold, so am not really celebrating much just now.

i know, it's a tiny thing, but i've been so conscious of it so seldom being the response that it has intriqued me......Mrs.

Sherlock: "thank you" "my pleasure" is like a standard Spanish reply--"muchas gracias" (many thanks); "el gusto es mio" (the pleasure is mine). Rich7: I'm hopeless at umlauts; I just use "oe" or "ue" instead, as in "danke schoen".

I just finished Dark Eagle about Benedict Arnold and John Andre. I didn't know much about Arnold except that he was such a notorious traitor. It's been a long time since I read Brideshead, I'd like to know what it means!

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