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But we really liked his role as the bipolar musician with a crazy Manny-Ashley-Craig love triangle.After he left the show, he attended the National Theatre School of Canada and graduated in 2008.

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I'm vice principai of degrassi, so I should be planning spcial events for the school, man! Adam: I am here trying to bestow a kiss apon your precious lips. Adam: (rolls his eyes) So, did you date anyone other Johnny and my brother? Eli: So if A-squared B-squared equals C-squared, what does C-squared plus A-squared equal?

(Set changes to Adam's room, With Alli and Adam practicing for the class) Alli: Romeo, oh Romeo, wherefore art thou, Romeo? (They both stare into each other's eyes lovingly) Alli: I have to go home and-- (Adam kisses her out of excitment and obsession) Alli: Wow. (Alli kisses him again for 15 seconds, smiles and leaves) JT: Winner and new boyfriend, Adam Torres! (Jane and Eli start to kiss, Clare soon walks in on them) Clare: Jane?

After Sadly, Terri left the show earlier than we wanted her to, but we’d probably have left Degrassi High after all that drama with Rick.

In real life, Christina (she also goes by Chrissy) left the show to continue her career in modeling. We cheered when she finally landed her man but then she got pregnant and we remembered how crazy this show was. She’s actually the Digital Marketing Coordinator for Urban Adventures. Shane Kippel played the best jerk-popular kid on the entire series, you loved him, you hated him, and you totally had a crush on him, even if Paige totally messed with his emotions.

Mia: Well, I am still a model, and I'm married too.

Eli: Well, I should get a reward for saving your daughter.

In 2011 she was cast as Abby in the series When Ashley left Degrassi, Mc Intyre also disappeared from our radars, for a really long time. She finally resurfaced in 2012 as one of three harmony singers in the band Fortune.

The band had its debut concert performance at the Stone Pony, a club in New Jersey.

Either way, we liked Lauren Collins and she’s still good friends with some other Ellie was the show’s first character with a really serious background, with an alcoholic mother and her depression.

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