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From issues like relationship problems, homosexuality and bullying to more darker issues like rape, school shooting and death.Degrassi: The Next Generation plunges into the world of what this generation is really going through.She also left after nine seasons, and it seems like she continued being a smarty pants IRL.

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Since leaving the show for good after Season 8, he's been in several bands and appeared in shows like It would kind of ridiculous not to mention Drake, aka Aubrey Graham.

He may be a big-shot rapper now, but to fans of the show he'll always be Jimmy Brooks, the guy who got shot in the most heart-stopping episode of the drama.

See more » Degrassi: Next generation is not just a show about teens living in the suburbs, going to some high class high school, and living a great teen life.

It is following in the same footsteps as its predecessor Degrassi Junior High/Degrassi High.

Every high school has a bad boy, and Degrassi's was Sean Cameron, played by Daniel Clark.

He left after seven seasons and now works as a producer and news correspondent. Nerdy Toby Isaacs was never anyone's favorite character, but when he left in season 8, we all missed his sensible advice.

Accomplishment: Cassie got got nominations in Youthful Artist Awards. Cassandra Rae Steele better referred to as “Cassie Steele”, is a Canadian celebrity, vocalist and songwriter. Her first performing job was on the PBS Industrial.

She actually is observed for portraying Manny Santos on Degrassi: ANOTHER Generation so that as Abby Vargas for the L. She was created to Lily Steele and Robin Steele and provides British descent on her behalf father’s aspect while provides Filipino descent on her behalf mother’s aspect.

See full summary » On the last day of school to celebrate graduation and the end of another school year, the Coyne twins throw a party at their mansion. It informs faculty and students of the latest and greatest going on in and around the community.

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