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All tubes were used at the input amplifier stage of the amp since this seems to be where most people develop their perceptions of how good a pre-amp tube is.

Camje tube-33

A new tube may better amplify these defects, so try substituting another new tube to be sure of the source of the noise.

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The Northern Electric 12AX7 is made with the highest quality materials.

Everything is designed to give you unsurpassed audio quality. This design is much like a Telefunken smooth plate but a bit shorter.

A microphonic tube will ring, howl or produce general feedback problems.

It will be more noticeable at louder volumes or when used in close proximity to a speaker, typically in combo amps.Usually a compromise is arrived at in the search for premium tone.All tubes will exhibit some degree of microphonics. You just have to screen them a little closer and determine where they are best suited for use.For each tube used in the test, two were taken since there was no pre-screening involved.The aim was to get a sample that would be practical to work with but allow for variations in the tubes or prevent picking the only dud in a lot. One was a 100-watt Trace Elliot Speed King with 4 x 12 cabinet, and the other was a Fender Blues Junior combo amp.It has been torture tested in a JTM 45, a Deluxe Reverb, an Orange 50 watt combo and Bandmaster Reverb, with no failures or noise problems after hundreds of hours in clubs or in the studio.

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