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So at this time, we recommend 3G Unrestrictor over My3G.

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My Wi creates a Wi Fi hotspot using a jailbroken i Phone's 3G service.

We tested using a 3GS for the hotspot and connecting to that hotspot with an i Phone 4.

A 2.5 minute no-audio call ended up occupying slightly over 165 MB of video.

We missed having audio (hopefully that will be added soon) but being able to archive the video itself was a lovely treat. [Some solutions require jailbreak] Although we cannot recommend using Face Time over 3G on a regular basis (it uses about 3 MB per minute), there are times we understand when you're not near Wi-Fi and have compelling reasons to need video dialog.

We tested out four separate solutions for 3G Face Time connections and rated them from least reliable to most reliable. This 3G powered Wi-Fi hotspot solution from Sprint kept cutting out during our tests, allowing us to talk only a minute or two at a time, with repeated freezes and call drops.

(We're told that Clear's similar 3G/4G i Spot solution is currently a no-go with i Phone 4.)Next, in terms of performance, was My Wi.) it simplifies all screen recording tasks, including recording your Face Time chat without needing video out cables.When installed, just press and hold the Sleep/Wake button for two seconds. When you're ready to finish, press and hold another two seconds.We've all been using Face Time like crazy here at TUAW central -- it's really great to be able to conference with friends in real time without having to arrange things in advance. Knowing that your friends have i Phone 4s makes video calling much easier.Nearly all of us have been video-conferencing-ready for years. You don't have to call or text to arrange the call, you just place it and you're immediately good to go.There were no significant lags beyond what you'd normally expect with Vo IP, i.e. [No special hacking required] If your airplane offers in-air Wi-Fi that allows Face Time traffic, you can call home while cruising thousands of feet above the ground.

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