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We're both in our mid-tw..." "Just got back from our trip to the Ocean Blue and Sand resort and I wish we never had to go home!!

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We stayed 6 nights and the smell was consistently present.

Overall, it was a resort that seemed to be in need of attention to repairs and details.

Ocean view perhaps at the rooms closest to beach, , but really not necessary. If you want top shelf liqour they are available in the bars, meaning not the swim up bars in the pool.

Most of the rooms are configured with a courtyard in the center, views I believe are limited. The clientele of the Ocean Blue is mixed between singles, couples and families. Wine is served at dinner but you may order anything that you wish also:such as marguaritas, pina colada s, champagne until 4 am I least thats when the club closes..drinks are included..DENNERYS with Olympus tours if you want any hookups with going back from there...check my review The beach is beautiful, but it is on the Atlantic so it has a strong wind and is not completely flat.

the beach/pool are really close together and convenient. I had lengthy conversations with Dominican workers, taxi drivers, etc. They should take the golf out if they don't have it available.

while in Punta Cana -- they say the "Hard Rock" is the place to go- considered above the rest! According to the information we have received from the resort, the Ocean Tower Casino is located on property.The food at the restaurants was also very delicious!The service at the restaurants was great, the staff was always very friendly and gave the absolute best treatment.For further information you should contact a Cheap Caribbean sales agent as they will be best to answer any questions you have. While our room descriptions don't offer a particular view, we can always place that request in for you, but please keep in mind that room requests cannot be guaranteed.There are a few ocean view rooms, but they seem to be for "privledged guests".Employees were constantly approaching guests about signing up for club memberships/timeshare and putting A LOT of pressure on guests to listen and sign up.

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