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The stone cairns associated with the Mississippian cultural region can generally be assumed to date from that era Cairns range in style from a few stones placed on top of a boulder, to enormous constructions containing hundreds of thousands of tons of stone.

These can be formal, highly stylized affairs: shaped constructions with a flat platform on top or columnar in design.

Over these cemetaries or general repositories of the dead, were erected those vast heaps of earth or mounts similar to those which are called in England barrows, and which are discovered in every part of the United States.

The indians seem to have had two methods of burying the deadone was, to deposit one body (or at most but a small number of bodies), in a place, and cover it with stones, thrown together in a careless manner.

He and a band of 1000 warriors were lured into a trap by Uncas, and in the battle of 1643 he was captured and then executed.

The plaque states: It is said by the English, who are best acquainted with the manners of the natives, that they had a custom of collecting, at certain stated periods, all the bones of their deceased friends and burying them in some common grave.

Cairns can be u-shaped, oval, conical, square or rectangular.

They are often found in conjunction with Native stone wall complexes.

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