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Hood Haggie (as it became) was eventually part of British Ropes. Frail, was my mother's father (she was Grace Muriel Frail - and married T. The firm certainly continued to exist into the 1950s still conducting business out of 13 Norfolk Street in Sunderland. That is the marine chronometer in question at left, gracing the cover of 'Clocks Magazine' of Dec. That is all I can tell you today about 'Hutchinson & Jackson'. A long established company indeed, dating back to 1832, now owned by Klckner & Co. An early developer of the marine diesel engine & an engine maker for the shipbuilding industry & much more besides, I suspect. Their son is the Thomas William Greenwell who founded Greenwell & Co. William Herring's son, James, married Mary Ann Newton - their daughter Emma Herring married J(oseph) L(owes) Thompson. That 'pdf' is the source of history data above about 'Craven and Speeding' and is also the source of the following text about D. I commence this section having seen, in May 2012, an e-Bay listing for a 'Hutchinson & Jackson' aneroid barometer, 6 in. deep - a most distinguished looking barometer indeed, believed to date from the later 19th or early 20th century. In 1933/34, the business would seem to have been located at 13 Norfolk Street, in Sunderland. Ltd.' ('Richardsons'), of Hartlepool, Middlesbrough & Sunderland, other than what I read here.

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Entitled 'Coles 100 years - The Growth Story of Europe's Leading Crane Manufacturer - 1879-1979'. I find that the whole 65 page book can be read from cover to cover via this page. That page is the source of the following most interesting text. Malcolm adds i) that 'Speedings Brothers' also made sails, awnings, lifebelts, life-jackets & flags in Wickham Street for the Admiralty & for the Merchant Navy, and ii) that members of Malcolm's mother's family, the Muirs, worked there & some were in charge of the sail loft & the flag room. 2013, a 1901 invoice of John Prior, Steam Haulage Contractor, General Carter & Wharfinger, was sold via e-Bay.

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The ODA monitors enquiry and complaint levels and the issues complained about. They surely were 'suppliers' in the broadest sense of the word! I was thinking of including on this page, as a 'supplier' to the shipbuilding industry 'Vaux Breweries'. Ltd.', 'The Sunderland Forge & Engineering Company Ltd.', 'M. And eventually may result in some meaningful data about the company & its history. Haggie Ltd., 'Hutchinson & Jackson', 'Richardsons, Westgarth & Co. But, hoping that more data will emerge about 'Vaux' than is presently available, the brewery has its own page - unfortunately today of limited content. This section is started as a result of seeing an image that strongly appealed to me - here - on Facebook's fine 'Sunderdland Tugs and Shipbuilding in pictures' site - of mobile 'Coles' cranes awaiting export at South Docks in or about 1949. The image may very well stir the memories of site visitors. Also available, again from cover to cover, is a later volume entitled 'Coles - The Last Years - 1960-1998'. Another 'Coles Cranes' image which was available via the Facebook 'Sunderland in Pictures' site - an image which was posted by Ray Hutcheon. I know, alas, little about 'Craven & Speeding Brothers' of Sunderland, who were, amongst other things, manufacturers of hemp & wire ropes. I could not spot any references to copyright at that site, but regardless thank ' for their fine data. Next is a fine image of a distinguished looking old sign on the side of a Whickham Street, Monkwearmouth, building today. Speeding & Co.' used to occupy, in fact, three large buildings on that same street. Do from time to time check out 'atlantic-fox', the e-Bay vendor of the item.

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