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Cohesion funds were often spent on projects to do with the environment and transport in member states where pay is around 90 per cent or less than the EU average.

However the real size of EU budget losses annually is likely to be around £4.3 billion - five billion euros - 'or even more', according to The Fight Against Fraud On The EU's Finances published by the Lords' Justice, Institutions and Consumer Protection EU Sub-Committee.

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Peers also condemned the Treasury for their lack of help with the inquiry after their officials cancelled their appearance before the committee at the last minute, claiming fraud against the EU was outside their scope.

Committee chairman Lord Bowness said: 'Money is tight for everyone, right across the European Union.

In its latest budget report, the European Commission said that £348million a year was going missing, but members of the Lords’ justice, institutions and consumer protection EU sub-committee said this was an unrealistic estimate.

These included the former Soviet bloc as well as Spain, Portugal, Greece and Cyprus.

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