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Few athletes would describe their autobiography as "a chance to take the piss out of yourself".Yet that is how he saw The Test, which has arrived on your local High Street.

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The first thing you notice about Brian O'Driscoll, after years of interviewing poker-faced sportsmen, is how much he laughs. The butt of his laconically humorous, gently sing-song stories is - in almost every case - himself.

O'Driscoll is sitting in a nondescript hotel in a Westfield shopping centre, wearing the most understated of outfits: grey sweatshirt, jeans, unbranded trainers.

There are times when you struggle to recognise the leading try-scorer in Six Nations history.

"I'm still shuddering from the sight of my jowls in the paper," he writes at one point, after a summer break that featured too many meatball-and-parmesan sandwiches, not to mention a hard-drinking night out in Hollywood.

The damn thing was so big that it had to come over my roof on a crane. "It happened a few times that I'd come back and find people I didn't even recognise in the tub. ' Listen, I was a single guy just enjoying himself and having a laugh.

I didn't have my gates up that summer so people were able to just access it around the side. And yeah, I was 27." For a great sportsman, O'Driscoll is unusually long on self-awareness.

But there's a difference between slagging someone and bullying, and we were in the lucky position that we understood the tipping point.

Yes, there are guys who have gone over the top on occasion.

THIS MORNING, FORMER Ireland international Brian O’Driscoll appeared on Today FM’s The Ray D’Arcy Show to discuss his new autobiography.

The interview touched on many subjects including his rugby career and his New York arrest. As O’Driscoll explained, he first spotted his future wife on Tubridy Tonight and immediately sought out to meet her.

It was grist to the occasional critic (not that O'Driscoll has ever been anything but popular in Ireland) who argued that his head was expanding faster than his try tally. So it was then just trying to battle away from that." What of the rugby, you might ask?

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