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"Very little residential, mainly commercial and light industrial.

There's a blacksmith back here, a painting and plastering contractor." Debra Gass, executive director of Early Education Services, has an office just below where the old tattered documents were found.

"We have shop orders for about half of the pipe organs that were built and we follow these pipe organs all over the place," Dann said.

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"The rolled up plans, they were here and the envelopes in the little boxes, they were here, but that was pretty much it," she said, referring to hundreds of internal records of the pipe organ manufacturing plans.

Earlier this week, George and John Carnahan of the historical society toured the defunct floors with the Reformer, offering a rare glimpse into the company that brought Brattleboro to the world. Bones of pigeons and other birds are bleach white, indicating the amount of time they spent trapped within the walls.

George pulls out a 1904 memorandum for working file No.

159, a model going to Walter Russell of New York City, which includes a small wood sample to show the finish to the client.

Through an innovative redevelopment project, a majority of the bottom levels have been converted into art studios, light industrial companies and nonprofits.

"It was converted for office and business," George said.

Carnahan found a surprise in the archives during the tour, uncovering an early framed advertisement promoting the organ as a source of entertainment in a wealthy family's parlor.

Some of the catwalks used by factory workers to transport instruments remain, but most of the open space holds dozens of organs lined up in no particular order, spanning old Art Deco models from the 1920s to some of the later reed versions.

"A reed organ is really just a big harmonica -- if you've ever looked into a harmonica you see the little brass reeds in there," Carnahan said. "What we really want to do is to have at least one working organ of each type, and if you want to think about the different categories of reed and electronic and pipe organs, you can probably come up with 40 or 50 different Estey models," Dann said.

Many of the older models have elaborate wood designs above the keys, others are designed for children. "And we'd like to have one of each." He estimates they have half of the models and they are always keeping a lookout for lost organs. They are large, heavy instruments, fragile with age.

"They kept everything, they even kept the little notes to get paid," Carnahan said.

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