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Museum staff are optimistic they can hold repair sessions, music understanding workshops and get the local school more involved with the company's history to save some of the organs.

While the relics on the upper floors of the interior remain a secret, the complex itself is still bustling with activity.

Historians believe the plant was relocated because of its proximity to the Whetstone Brook.

Many of the same historical society members credit George for preserving the Estey complex.

"Very little residential, mainly commercial and light industrial.

There's a blacksmith back here, a painting and plastering contractor." Debra Gass, executive director of Early Education Services, has an office just below where the old tattered documents were found.

Although some blower motors and other smaller equipment pieces continue to corrode, most of the machinery was trashed during the 1960s.

Virtually all the internal records and blueprints survived.

Old-fashioned freight elevators still work, with a few modern upgrades from George.

Pieces of old progress reports and safety regulations hang near the doors and above tables, as do a few old "girlie" photographs in some of the higher levels.

"We have shop orders for about half of the pipe organs that were built and we follow these pipe organs all over the place," Dann said.

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