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He also always stresses about money and wants me to get a second job.

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I also do the "chores" at his (former) home where his ex-wife lives -- I take out the trash, blow leaves, shovel, etc.

I know that losing his house has made him even more angry and bitter, so he takes it out on me.

Thank you for encouraging Crowded to use her own voice to express her very reasonable problems with this arrangement.

I couldn't believe she was worried about being "nice" enough!

I agree that you should find another place to live before confronting him.

As you plan your move, you could quietly stop doing some of these domestic chores for him.He can pretend to be the weary traveling shoe salesman, and you -- the bored heiress with a secret. My problem is that he does NO chores where we live -- not even his own laundry! He didn't want to get along with his ex, so I have to pick up and drop off my nephews when they come to visit.Dear Amy: I'm a 31-year-old woman, and my brother is 37. I don't know why his issues with his ex are now my problem.And by all means, do not further commit yourself to a financial entanglement with him.If he runs out of clean clothes, tell him, "If you want to wash your clothes, I'll show you how. I'm not doing it anymore."Dear Amy: "Crowded" described her boyfriend's friend moving in -- lock, stock and barrel -- to the home she co-owned with her boyfriend. Q: What is the difference between motorbike and boyfriend?

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