Bow wow dating tyra banks

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Bow Wow, whose real name is Shad Moss, has kept himself in the headlines as of lately, mainly because of his very public engagement to former star Erica Mena, followed by a very public and messy breakup.

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In March 2015, Bow Wow broke the web with photographs of his then spouse with the wedding dress.

But Later in 2015 Bow Wow apparently said that they are not wedded yet.

Bow Wow and Ericka Mena are the guardians of a little boy King.

On March 28, 2012, it was proclaimed that Bow Wow was requested by the court to pay ,000 a month for mishandling in youngster bolster.

The two got superclose, hugging each other and getting awkwardly sexy for an imaginary photo shoot (LOL! However, there was no Fallon-Banks lip-locking during the visit.

Most celebrities vow to clear the air on many of the rumors that circle their personal lives by writing a tell-all book -- Bow Wow, however, is choosing another approach and has decided to set the record straight about his broken engagement and the real story behind he and Keyshia Cole's relationship with his new tell-all album.

On celebrity main street for the 2014 BET Hip-Hop Awards, Erica uncovered that Bow Wow was really her Fiance.

Mena had uncovered that they are not hitched yet and but rather wanting to get participated in a marital service in June. Bow Wow has cleared up gossipy tidbits that he and his future spouse, Erica Mena, are getting hitched in Australia.

Mena was once tired of a relationship when they've begun to get to know one another when they were in each different lives.

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