dating etiquette who pays for what - Boulder dating scene

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A majority of the student body is very fit and very attractive.

Here in Denver, it's insanely difficult to find a compatible climbing partner, let alone a romantic partner.

We factor in: location (if you live in Boulder, forget about dating someone from Denver), climbing style (trad tends to dislike multipitchers and multipitchers definitely dislike sport climbers and sport climbers don't quite understand alpine climbers...boulderers just laugh at us all while they nap), lead vs non-lead (more for the belay), 5.6 vs 5.18 (yes, some Colorado climbers think they are climbing a's fun to point and laugh at them), how the yoga pants look (including the guys who think it's humorous to rock tights), South Platte vs Shelf vs Clear Creek vs (yikes) Table Mntn climbers.

My main concern is that Denver seems like a great town for young single people, but maybe the pool dries up after 35ish?

There are many eligible bachelors and bachelorettes at CU.

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For the most part, relationships do not last very long as there tends to be a pervasive "many fish in the sea" feeling.

I have been in a successful relationship for a year now and against all odds, met my boyfriend at a fraternity party.

As part of being at a learning institution, college students, like me, also learn more about ourselves in relationships by trying new things and giving people a chance (considering people we would not have considered in high school).

I'll ask the question burning on every gym rat's mind...what's the dating scene like in SLC, specifically for non-Mormon climbers?

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