Book lovers dating dating jealousy quiz

You’ve decked the halls with stacks of books, strings of lights, and, well, more books.

Now all you have to do is actually survive the holidays.

Either way, the point of an introduction is to familiarize yourself with a new person or book, perhaps one who will become very dear to you.

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Your heart races in the beginning as you anticipate what will come next.

You giggle with glee and tell your friends about your new love. A beautifully or cleverly designed book cover can capture readers’ attention and practically beg to be read.

(You brought a back-up read just in case.) “I mean, yeah, I already own four copies of Jane Eyre . ” Nothing beats the smell of old books and that feeling of nostalgia page after page.

but this one is leather bound AND has a special edition map!

If you love to read, I’m sure you were already convinced of that fact, so, you can get back to your book now.

My Bae helps you find potential partners based on which hashtags you use, and according to their studies, 21 percent of their matches have a common interest in reading.The best way to cope with family drama, fruitcake, and itchy sweaters is of course taking solace in the words of your favorite authors. Here’s a list of ten things that all book lovers do during the holidays: Sure, your brother asked for Deadpool, but he’ll take that back once he reads that bestselling sci-fi thriller! We feel their pain deeply and wish we could help them.In meaningful relationships with people you love, you forgive mistakes and keep on progressing together. Your Instagram never looked more bookish and beautiful.

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