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And there was an evidence linking Lucy to this case, so he kept pursuing her in an attempt to find out the truth. Lucy pretended to be a nurse and Quinn gave false information to her that he is a widowed plumber. They seemed to start off hot, but then kind of fizzled.

An easy read if you're looking for something short and cute.

Lucy Rothschild, mystery writer, is doing a research on online dating.

When Lucy knew the truth about Quinn, that he had believed she was a crazy killer all the time they were dating, and that everything he'd said and done to make her fall in love with him, (she thought) he was just doing his job. All in all, this was hilarious, sweet, emotional, and a bit exciting near the end. I can't particularly think of much good to say about this book. Sort of like: He turned off his car and grabbed his notebook and laptop off the passenger seat.

I wouldn't say it was downright horribly bad...well, maybe not. The plot isn't exactly original - A serial killer meeting victims online. Which isn't a bad thing, necessarily, if the author can make their work stand-out from the rest, but for this book, there was nothing to this storyline to separate it from anything else out there. He carried Lucy's suitcase with his free hand, and she followed him into the house. I don't need to know the details of how a person got out of their car and walked to a store, or how they got dressed in the morning.

Quinn was great throughout the whole book so he saved the story.

Ah, the trials of online dating in the 2006 frontier.The primitive matchups made a good backdrop for this pseudo-suspense romance.Although the story was kind of basic, I found myself intrigued by the dynamic of two people dating undercover, one for research for her book, the other a cop on a case.But it was ok, I was just a little bit surprised considering most of Rachel Gibson’s books, especially the other books in this series that I already read, are Contemporary Romance.(I got the same feeling I got when I started reading her book, Lola Carlyle Reveals All.) And as always happens when I read her books, I was hooked from the first page and totally engrossed in the story.And I liked how the conflict between necessity and need worked and the interactions/reactions as a result.2.5This was an okay book - I liked the element of a mystery writer thought to be a serial killer and a police officer getting tangled up together.

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