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This is very different from what dating used to be,” said Vacharkulksemsuk.

After all, it seems our posture speaks much louder than words.

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Information gathered over weeks and months of courtship is now obtained in mere minutes or seconds.

The researchers found online dating profiles featuring photos depicting expansive body posture were 27 percent more likely to elicit a “yes” response.

Overall, the expansive photos were rated as more dominant than the others.

It’s suspected males in this dominant pose were more likely to have access to physical and social resources and a willingness to share those resources.

After each date, participants would rate their date and indicate whether they would like to see the person again.

They found an open, expansive nonverbal pose expressed during the date significantly predicted the odds of getting a "yes" response.

This prompted Vacharkulksemsuk and her colleagues to observe whether open, expansive postures would lead to more "yeses" when it comes to meeting for a second date in speed and online dating situations.

In the first experiment, researchers analyzed nonverbal body language interactions, along with nonverbal cues of affiliation (e.g, smiles, laughs, head nods) among 144 female-male speed-dates which lasted 4 minutes.

We also are less likely to trust those whose hands are not held in a position that we can see.

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