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Best known for its very highly regarded firewall products and more high-level security solutions, the company has also built up a considerable reputation and following for its anti-virus offering, but has yet to take part in has by far the most vocal supporters.We receive more queries about the product’s non-appearance in our tests, and requests for information on its performance, than for any other product.

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On receipt of the first of the many inquiries about the firm a number of years ago, I checked out its various websites and made contact, discovering that the company’s product was being made available free of charge as a long-term beta project – which was considered unsuitable for testing at that stage.

The beta phase went on for quite some time, with a string of ancillary products emerging alongside the initial anti-virus, and continued to build up reputation and interest.

Further data on active processes and connections is also included.

More information and options for the various components are accessed via separate pages for the anti-malware, firewall and ‘Defense ’ HIPS systems, with a ‘miscellaneous’ tab providing the likes of interface password and language options, updating, suspect file submission, access to online forums, and help.

A complete support package is available as an upgrade to the standard subscription, with the support provided directly to the user’s PC via a proprietary remote access system.

This allows the firm’s techs to get in and fix issues with their customers’ systems without the need for complex and difficult explanations to inexpert users over the phone or email.The issue of whether the opinions of the collective can be trusted remains a thorny one, but at least such systems provide some assistance.The user community performs another function in the form of the support provided by online forums.Next comes the option to contribute to the ‘Threatcast’ community collaboration system, with ample information provided on how this works and what kind of data might be shared.A final component is offered in the form of a browser toolbar in collaboration with the .This is not something I am aware of many other vendors providing, and it makes for a pretty impressive unique selling point for .

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