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On receipt of the first of the many inquiries about the firm a number of years ago, I checked out its various websites and made contact, discovering that the company’s product was being made available free of charge as a long-term beta project – which was considered unsuitable for testing at that stage.The beta phase went on for quite some time, with a string of ancillary products emerging alongside the initial anti-virus, and continued to build up reputation and interest.

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Indeed, the copy of the product we were provided with for review came with the offer to have it remotely installed and configured by an expert.

The support offering extends far beyond the basics of setting up the product and dealing with the problems caused by it or any malware it fails to detect – it also seems to cover just about any PC-related issue the customer may have, from installing software to setting up printers.

Many users will be baffled by popup alerts that provide highly technical information about an application or activity and which require the user to make some decision as to what course of action should be taken.

This problem is mitigated by the provision of ‘herd’ information on the alert: the opinions of the collective are provided as an aid to decision making.

The initial stage of the installer presents a rather clunky self-extracting dialog, which hovers in the background throughout the install process, but the installation GUI itself is much more slick and attractive.

It runs through the standard stages of EULA, choice of install location and space requirements (the product needs a minimum of 123 MB of hard drive space – not too much of a strain for any modern system), and then some further options on which components to install – the suite can be used as just the firewall, just the AV, or both (which is the default setting).Both of these are active by default, which I’m not too keen on, but this seems to be pretty standard with toolbars.After a few further steps of finalizing, connecting to the community system and activation, a reboot is required to finish things off.The first item of note is that the product is included as a complete download, rather than one of the tiny download-and-install systems that seem to be growing in popularity with vendors these days, and appears to be updated fairly regularly.This pleased me, as working in the security industry and thus being somewhat paranoid, I always like to have security software installed, running and reasonably up to date on any new system before I think about connecting it to the Internet– which is not always possible with some solutions. Best known for its very highly regarded firewall products and more high-level security solutions, the company has also built up a considerable reputation and following for its anti-virus offering, but has yet to take part in has by far the most vocal supporters.

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