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Right now, we’ve got over 60 City Guides, with specially-curated Gowalla content in San Francisco, Austin, New York, Chicago, Portland, London, and Stockholm. When you want to hang with the Williamsburg hipsters in New York, we’ll show you where to get your ironic mustache on. And tell us: which city would you like to see curated Gowalla Guides in next? Perhaps not every day, and certainly not every moment of every day, but often enough, there is a story either driving or unfolding out of where we happen to be.

The past three years have been quite the journey, oft-times in a very literal sense!

The Gowalla Passport has become a record of all the places we’ve visited, the people we were with, the photos we took, and the stories we told.

So we’re excited to announce that we’ll be making the journey to California to join Facebook!

Gowalla, as a service, will be winding down at the end of January. It’s been the highlight of our lives as we’ve built it with your help over the past two years.

You’ve all played a special role in seeing us to this day.

If insanely scary movies, haunted houses, and terrifying books are your thing, then you’re probably someone who isn’t afraid to grab a flashlight and some friends to go on the most frightening adventures.

Disclaimer: we’re not responsible for any sleepless nights.

For those seeking a different type of thrill, you can discover the best a city has to offer by exploring featured Lists.

You can choose which pre-existing List you would like to add that spot to, or you can create a new List on the fly.

If you’re on your mobile device, after you find your spot, click the blue “ ” button near the comment section, and add it to your preferred List.

Many of you even use Gowalla like a scrapbook of sorts — a place to keep all those memories.

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