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She does use commas, question marks, and exclamation points, and uses apostrophes starting in Act 6 Act 6 Intermission 4.Doesn't use periods (unless as "..."), and like Karkat, uses asterisks for emphasis.

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When Vriska harmed Tavros Nitram and Aradia Megido, Terezi disbanded Team Scourge, cutting ties with her former friend.

With Sollux Captor's help, she then told through Tavros and Terezi's Lusus .

She was taught how to sense the world through scent and such by her She was to be the original leader of the Red Team; however, she surrendered the position to Karkat, probably out of understanding that the position was essentially meaningless.

Her Land has been revealed to be the Land of Thought and Flow. Snowman switched from Vriska to Terezi due to difficulties controlling Vriska as she was stubborn and refused to listen or acknowledge the orders.

Terezi is the Albanian word (coming from Persian ترازو) for Libra (or Balance), but may also be a reference to Teiresias, a blind prophet from Sophocles' Oedipus cycle, and Homer's Odyssey.

Teiresias has both been male and female; her ambiguous sprite might be an allusion to this.

Her interest was taken due to the large sum of money and the use of the numbers of the blind prophets, with Sollux's help she was able to backtrack the transfer.

She takes an interest in the cool kid she discovers and decides to support him once he enters the Medium.

In time she and Vriska would carry out this mission.

Terezi contacts Rose Lalonde after she enters The Medium and, rather than trolling her (though she claims to be 'hatefriends' with Rose), offers constructive information about the titles of each Sburb player and the voice of the exile that Rose hears.

part refers to the noose where people are hanged, alluding to her interest of hanging her stuffed animals, as well as her interest in law.

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