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The judge had multiple doctors who would prescribe him oxycodone, hydrocodone and generic Xanax and Valium. One supplier said she would give him drugs and sex, including several trysts in his chambers One of his suppliers was Deena Castleman, a woman who graduated from Baumgartner's drug court.

Castleman told authorities that she regularly supplied the married judge with pills and sex, sometimes during breaks from court.

A judge could face discipline for failing to report another judge for being impaired, but the rules don't say what that punishment would be.

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The woman, who is nearly half his age and has a history of arrests, told TBI agents that she and the judge even engaged in sexual activity several times in the judge's chambers.

Castleman's name appears frequently in the investigative file.

Baumgartner, according to the file, frequently visited Castleman while she was hospitalized for a brief period in 2009.

Nurses told investigators that the judge would often visit the woman during breaks from a high-profile trial that was televised.

And they said that Castleman appeared to be high after the judge visited her.

Authorities later confiscated illicit prescription drugs from her room.His physician told authorities that Baumgartner acknowledged being a pill addict but disregarded the doctor's advice to retire.The district attorney went to Baumgartner in 2010 because he was concerned about the judge's health.The judge looked around for multiple doctors who would prescribe him oxycodone, hydrocodone and generic Xanax and Valium.When the prescriptions weren't enough, he turned to convicts he had punished – and their friends.Other defendants are hoping for a similar outcome, and bids for new trials from the many people convicted in Baumgartner's court could overwhelm the criminal justice system in Knox County, Tennessee's third-largest county with more than 400,000 residents.

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