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The judge's sole misconduct charge stemmed from his dealings with Chris Gibson, a felon on probation in Baumgartner's court.

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Blackwood unsealed part of the file because it was relevant to the convictions he threw out.

Prosecutors are appealing Blackwood's decision to overturn the convictions of the four people found guilty for their role in the 2007 slayings of a young Knoxville couple.

Nichols said it was widely known that Baumgartner suffered a variety of health issues.

'I never suspected narcotics,' the prosecutor said.

Baumgartner, according to the file, frequently visited Castleman while she was hospitalized for a brief period in 2009.

Nurses told investigators that the judge would often visit the woman during breaks from a high-profile trial that was televised.Baumgartner's secretary told investigators that the judge was so out of on some days that she'd have to reschedule hearings.The secretary, Jennifer Judy, did not return a phone call seeking comment, and it's not clear if she ever reported Baumgartner to authorities.His physician told authorities that Baumgartner acknowledged being a pill addict but disregarded the doctor's advice to retire.The district attorney went to Baumgartner in 2010 because he was concerned about the judge's health.The woman, who is nearly half his age and has a history of arrests, told TBI agents that she and the judge even engaged in sexual activity several times in the judge's chambers.

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