Black panthers intimidating voters in ohio Beutiful pilipina chat on webcam videos

While it is confirmed that the situation was resolved by the police, Dischell said she explained the situation. According to Dischell, the police officers didn’t get out of the car.It seems that things could possibly get dicey in Philadelphia before Election Day comes to a close.

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However, one of them was officially in charge of watching the polls.

The other one was a friend that seemed to be hanging out (the one holding the baton).

With United States Election Day 2008 kicking off, there have been incidents of voting issues at the polls.

States reporting such incidents so far are Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Ohio.

One incident in particular is making headlines: Fox News reports Republicans have been intimidated at one of the polling areas in Philadelphia.

Fox News says voters have been intimidated by two poll watchers that are allegedly members of the "Black Panthers." In the videos above, these two poll waters are dressed in black military-style gear with the trademark black beret hats.

From their appearances, they seem to be intimidating and could be classified as hostile. Rick Leventhal of Fox News was at the scene of the incident.

He asked one of the men “guarding” the doors: “Is there any reason why you’re wearing that uniform?

), then the election process was sullied and dishonored at that precinct. The same pansies that allowed things to go to shit after 9/11 now want us to freak out over their recent fantasies.

Success in that singular venture will inexorably lead to further attempts in the future. It’s high time we ignored the crap in their pants and moved on. These were black guys at a polling place in an almost entirely black precinct.

” In the video with Leventhal, there was a confrontation.

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