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In the time allotted, however, I'll do my best to give you at least a summary of what I uncovered in my research and how I hope this information can generate some much needed fresh discussion on race and relationships._______________________ Arlington, VA: What effect, if any, does an inter-racial marriage have upon the children that result?As someone else I interviewed said "Screwed up parents, screwed up child." This is absolutely correct, I think. Folan, As a black woman who recently graduated from Harvard Law School, we have a lot in common!

I'm white, and I used to be married to an Indian guy.

We'd occasionally get negative comments from strangers who apparently mistook him for black. I'm glad you are writing about interracial marriage.

Race does complicate things for some young people, but I think it's getting better.

I also think it's helpful to live in a diverse area like Washington, DC where there are so many different kinds of people.

_______________________ Laurel, Md.: Isn't it funny that almost all of biracial children are beautiful?

It's almost like God is trying to tell us something. _______________________ Washington, DC: Can you speak a little about how to ignore the criticism you get for dating outside your race?

_______________________ Fairfax, VA: Do you think that boys have a harder time dealing with being biracial or is it just as hard for girls? I think it really just depends on the child and the prevailing attitudes of the environment they live in.

Some kids have a hard time, some sail through-- just like any other adolescents.

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Read more: Single black women being urged to date outside race ____________________ Karyn Folan: Thanks to all of you who have taken the time post questions and comments.

) - but I wonder if those relationships - on the meta-level - do not perpetuate some of the racialized myths your book seems to discredit. The white wife as the ultimate marker of achieving success?

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