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We believe it can assist people to manage their lives and even their illnesses should they already have AIDS, ARC, or are Hl V-antibody positive.

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There are three levels of prevention: primary, secondary and tertiary.

The purpose of primary prevention is to prevent, reduce and delay the onset of HIV infection.

Target populations for primary prevention are: the general public, health care workers, sex educators and mental health professionals, individuals at high risk for contracting HIV and sexual partners or needle sharing partners of individuals who are at high risk.

Secondary prevention is concerned with individuals who are ready positive for HIV antibodies. The goal is to prevent them from being repeatedly exposed to HIV and from transmitting HIV.

This is a psychosocial approach which helps people develop the necessary life skills to avoid transmission of HIV.

The goal of primary prevention is to provide information and education regarding transmission of HIV for the general population.There are two aspects of primary prevention: the first consists of actions designed to prevent the development of the disease.This is a series of macro and generational interventions.Intravenous (IV) drug users, another population at risk, do not have an identified or unified community outside of residential therapeutic communities for those recovering from addiction.For some members of these two groups, sexuality and drug use may not be the major forms of identification. Richard Keeling, Chair of the American College Health Association's Task Force on AIDS (reported in Gray, 1986) has cited a case that amply demonstrates the complexity of reaching everyone who needs AIDS prevention education. Over the past two years, as consultants for AIDS service organizations, the authors have conducted AIDS prevention programs in the U. and Canada for over eight thousand people, most of whom were gay or bisexual men but some of whom were intravenous drug-using individuals or interested heterosexual women.We have adapted the tripartite model health educators use in dealing with other issues such as pregnancy and drug abuse.

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